Throughout the years Mike has been to many countries for organizations such as Concern America, the Committee on U.S./Central American Relations, Projects for Planetary Peace, Interreligious Committee for Peace in the Middle East, Human Rights Watch, The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, The Christian Children's Fund, Death Penalty Focus, and, the Center for International Policy.. For each trip he has written a journal, either for personal purposes or to inform the organizations he's travelled for, of the situation in the areas.

To read the journals, just click on the links below.

Farrell and Mark Biello in Bosnia 1992

Around the World in 8 Days 1980

Farrell's trip to refugee camps on the Thai/Cambodian border in 1980 for CONCERN/America.

To Russia With Unconditional Love 1985

Journal of Farrell's trip to Russia in 1985 with Projects for Planetary Peace.

Middle East 1988

Thoughts on return from trip to the Middle East in 1988

Somalia / Bosnia Journal 1992

Journal of Farrell's 1992 journey to Somalia and Bosnia.

Cuba, Today 1994

Farrell's 1994 journal of his humanitarian vist to Cuba.

The Killing Ground - A Journey to Rwanda 1995

Mike's touching journal of his journey to Rwanda for UNHCR.

A Trip to Costa Rica 2002

Statement of Mike's trip to Costa Rica to address the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

On Feet of Clay - Notes from Managua 2006

Notes for trip to Nicaragua with the Center for International Policy, to launch a campaign against illegal logging and corruption



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