Mike Farrell the activist:

Long before M*A*S*H was a household word, Mike Farrell was involved in issues that were of concern to him. This involvement stems from his belief that being a responsible citizen means being willing to see conditions improve for the ultimate benefit of all.

Clearly his status as a recognized celebrity from his years with the well-loved show allow now for a larger audience, but it is as citizen rather than actor that he feels the need to be involved.

The issues are largely those involving human rights and the death penalty. But Mike is also known to speak out against local injustices, animal rights, environmental issues, etc.

The following three sections give a clear overview of Mike's work concerning the issues.

Human Rights

Mike's involvement with Human Rights Watch and other organizations, plus a list of his travels to many areas ravaged by famine, human rights violations and war.

The Death Penalty

Being a life-long opponent of the death penalty, Farrell has debated and spoken about this issue. An overview of his beliefs and activities.

Other issues

Animal Rights, Enviromental Issues, Rights of Children, Immigration issues, Win Without War, and lots more issues in which Farrell is actively involved.

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