Mike Farrell ~ the actor

After being honorably discharged from the Marines, Mike started working on his career as an actor, attending classes at LA City College and UCLA.

One of his first TV appearances was on the "Red Skeleton Show", where he appeared in a gorilla suit. A job he got because he was big enough to fit the suit.

Moving up through the ranks, he did bit parts in television and features, most noteworthy in his mind being the opportunity to work on "The Graduate".

Mike's first real breakthrough was a two year stint on "Days of Our Lives", which was followed by a year on "The Interns" with Broderick Crawford. After that he worked with Anthony Quinn in "The Man and The City".

Next came the incomparable experience of eight years with the cast and crew of M*A*S*H, where besides acting Mike had the opportunity to write and direct.

"Sex and The Single Parent" with Terri Garr and "Prime Suspect" are two of a number of other television movies he did during those M*A*S*H years.

BJ Hunnicutt

Since that time other movies have been "Memorial Day" (which he co-produced), starring Shelley Fabares; "Choices of the Heart", about the murders of four American church women in El Salvador; and "Private Sessions" with Maureen Stapleton and Kelly McGillis.

After "A Deadly Silence", an ABC Movie of the Week, Farrell starred in "The Price of the Bride", an European/American co-production, where he teamed up with his "Questor Tapes" buddy Robbert Foxworth and lived in the UK for some time.

In 1991 he produced and starred in "Silent Motive", with Edward Asner and Patricia Wettig, for Lifetime Cable Network.

1996 saw the continuing development of two features: a starring role opposite Cheryl Ladd in "Vows of Deception", a CBS MOW, and the production of "Sins of the Mind", a movie for the USA Network in which Mike starred opposite Jill Clayburgh. The picture was completed in March and aired in June 1997.

His 1998 work consists of hosting a FOX special: "Behind the Laughs", a documentary about comedy series throughout the years; and the release of a documentary "On a Collision Course with Earth".

In 1999 Mike was involved in NBC's "Providence", a family series where he starred as veterinarian Jim Hansen. This was his first TV series after M*A*S*H.

2002 and 2003 brought Farrell roles in two TV-films: "The Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron", portraying Kenneth Lay; and the Animal Planet Production: "The Clinic" in which he plays yet another vet.

starring as vet in The Clinic




2003 The Clinic Dr.Cyrus Gachet
2002 The Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron Kenneth Lay
2000 The '70s: The Decade That Changed Television host
1999 Providence (series NBC) Jim Hansen
1998 Behind the Laughs (FOX special) host
1998 On Collision Course with Earth (doc) host
1997 Sins of the Mind father
1997 187: Documented voice
1996 Superman (animated series) Clark's dad
1996 Tangled Web Clay Harding
1996 Vows of Deception Clay Spencer
1996 Killers Within Clayton
1995 The Monroes (series)  
1995 Hart to Hart: Old Friends Never Die Frank Crane
1994 Heart Attack  
1991 Silent Motive Paul Trella
1991 The Whereabouts of Jenny Van Zandt
1990 Lockdown  
1990 The Price of the Bride Joe Roth
1989 A Deadly Silence Gianelli
1989 Incident at Dark River Tim McFall
1986 Vanishing Act Harry Kenyon
1986 Faces of War (doc) host
1985 Private Sessions Joe Braden
1983 Choices of the Heart Amb. White
1983 M*A*S*H: Goodbye, Farewell and Amen BJ Hunnicutt
1983 Memorial Day Matt Walker
1982 Prime Suspect Frank Staplin
1981 El Salvador: Another Vietnam narrator
1980 Damien: The Leper Priest Robertson
1979 Letters of Frank  
1979 Sex and the Single Parent George McGee
1978 Battered  
1976 McNaughton's Daughter  
1974 Live Again, Die Again  
1974 The Questor Tapes Jerry Robinson
1973 The Nightmare Step  
1973 She Cried Murder!  
1972 "M*A*S*H" (series) (1975 - 1983) BJ Hunnicutt
1972 The Longest Night Wills
1971 "The Man and the City" (series) Andy Hays
1970 "The Interns" (series) Sam Marsh
1969 Targets man in booth
1968 The Graduate hotel employee
1968 Panic in the City  
1967 Escape from Planet Earth  
1965 "Days of Our Lives" (series) (1968 - 1970) Scott Banning


19.. "Coach""
1991 "Matlock" episode: "The Trial"as judge David Bennett
1990 "Murder She Wrote" episode: "The Family Jewels" as Drew Borden
19.. "Mannix"
19.. "The Bold Ones"
19.. "Ironside" episode: ......... as corrupt cop
19.. "Marcus Welby, M.D."
19.. "Owen Marshall"
1974 "6 Million Dollar Man"episode: "The Pioneers" as David Tate
1973 "Banacek" episode: "The Greatest Collection of Them All"
1973 "Harry O" episode: "Material Witness" as Cole Harris
1972 "Ghost Story" episode: "Elegy for a Vampire" as Frank Simmons
1972 "Bonanza" episode "Hidden Enemy" as addicted doctor
1968 "I Dream of Jeannie" episode "Genie, Genie..." as astronaut Arland
1967 "The Monkees" episode "Monkees Chow Mein"
19.. "The Red Skeleton Show" as himself.... oops.... gorilla


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