"The sense of freedom associated with riding one of these machines is difficult to describe to one not smitten, but it combines the glory of flight, the childhood thrill of coasting down a wonderful winding road or steep hill, the sensual pleasure of controlling a machine possessed of enormous power and the romance of the solitary stranger cruising into a new town, wrapped in mystery, oozing intrigue."

Mike and his BMW 650 GS

Throughout the years Mike has had many different bikes. His very first motorbike was a Velocette. After that he stuck with Triumphs for a while.

In the late 70s he flew to Seattle and bought a Triumph Trident and rode it down the West Coast to keep his TR6 company.

In the '80s he traded in the Triumph and bought a Honda 600cc street/dirt combination which he still has today. On this bike he had his first true cross-country trip, riding it home from the"Dominic and Eugene" set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, after finishing shooting. This bike also accompanied him to Provo, Utah, to the set of "Incident at Dark River" and he rode it home when finished there.

In the '90s Mike bought his first BMW, a 650cc single, in Chicago and rode it out to the Maritime Provinces in Eastern Canada, down into Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Northern New York, then back up to Canada and across the West Coast down through the Northwest U.S. to home.

In 1997 Mike flew to Australia where he bought a Yamaha 650cc in Sydney and rode it across the country and back, a trip on which he broke his ankle but finished his journey anyway. Upon return he sold the Yamaha back to the man he'd bought it from.

In 2000 Mike traded his BMW for the new BMW 650cc Dakar (see image above) that took him through Europe [and to the house of the webmaster], and later through Alaska.

Mike and his bike will continue to set out to ride towards a distant horizon, free, out and away from the cares of the world.

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