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Sunday 26 February, 2012
New Videos page. Video of Farrell's appearance on The Point. More to follow soon.

Tuesday January 31, 2012
SAFE California is collecting petitions to qualify the SAFE California initiative for the November 2012 election. The petition deadline is FEBRUARY 15, 2012, so it is imperative that all signatures be collected and delivered to SAFE California quickly.

SAFE California is a coalition dedicated to replacing the death penalty in California with Life Without Parole. Not only will this remove the possibility of innocent citizens being sentenced and executed for crimes they did not commit, it will still hold violent criminals accountable for their crimes and save Californians $184 million dollars every year.

>>Read more about the SAFE California initiative.
>>Request petitions for the SAFE California initiative.

Tuesday 10 March, 2009
New photos from Farrell's private collection added to the image gallery. More to follow soon.

Thursday 12 February, 2009
Learn more about Mike's new book: Of Mule and Man about his tour through the US in a hybrid car.

Thursday 4 September 2008
New dates on Calendar

Tuesday 13 November, 2007
link to MP3 interview of Mike at FreeWorldRadioNetwork

Friday, 15 September, 2007
First articles added to Book Review section.

Sunday 9 September, 2007
Journal article on Mike's trip to Nicaragua in 2006
Just My Show's Big M*A*S*H Bash I-podcast of "Just My Show's" interview with Mike Farrell, Jamie Farr and William Christopher

Monday 13 August, 2007
New Contact Information

Sunday, 29 July, 2007
Read more about "Just Call Me Mike: A Journey to Actor and Activist"
Section not yet completely finished but will be soon

New dates on Calendar







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