Awards Received by Mike Farrell

In his years as defender of human rights, animal rights and many other causes, organizations have recognized Mike’s efforts and work by awarding him with some of their most prestigious awards.

Mike Farrell Awards

What follows is a listing of the recognition he’s received throughout the years.

Public Activist Award (Human Rights advocacy for the incarcerated)

Centerforce – 22 October 2007

Citizen Activist Award

FTCR “Rage for Justice” – 8 June 2007

Civil Liberties Champion Award

ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties, 24 February, 2007

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) Humanitarian Award

22 February, 2007

L.A. Chapter, National Lawyers Guild Award

11 June 2006

Humanitarian Award 8 June 2006

California Safe Schools (with Sheinbaum)

Doctors of Laws, Honoris Causa

Utica College, Utica, NY 14 May 2006

“The First Annual Mike Farrell Human Rights Award” DPF

presented to Mike Farrell on 19 April 2006 by Death Penalty Focus

“Tavel-Resnick Award”

presented to Mike Farrell and Shelley Fabares by “For Love of Life” “for significant contributions to society – by helping those in need”; Stamford, CT, 14 Oct. 2005

“Donald Wright Award”

California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, SF 11 December 2004. For “significant contributions to the criminal justice system”

Doctor of Public Service, Honoris Causa

Notre Dame du Namur University, Belmont CA, 2 May 2004

“Artivist Award for Human Rights Advocacy”

Artivist organization, 27 April 2004

Voices of Courage & Conscience

Muslim Public Affairs Community 16 October 2003

Outstanding Service Award

Death Penalty Focus, 22 April 2003

“ACLU of Southern CA 2003 Garden Party Award”

ACLU Southern CA, 2003

The Stephen Donaldson Award

Stop Prisoner Rape, November 2002

“2002 Gabriel Award for Personal Achievement”

UNDA organisation, 2002

“2002 Gleitsman Foundation Citizen Activist Award”

Gleitsman Foundation, 2002

2001 Actors Integrity Award

American Brain Injury Foundation, October 2001

PETA Humanitarian Award

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, 8 September, 2001

“Louis M. Brown Conflict Preventing Award”

Dispute Resolution Services Associates, 2000

“Board of Director’s Award”

CIMA (Catholics in Media Associates), 2000

“Role Model Award”

“Women for…. “, 1999

“Inaugural AKA Role Model Award”

Association of Korean Adoptees, 1999

“Humanitarian Award”

Mary Magdalene Project, 1996

“Valentine Davies Award”

WGA, 1996

“Namaste Award”

Social and Political Activism, 1995

Social and Political Activism Award

Hollywood Women’s Political Community, 1995

“Doctor of Humane Letters”, Honoris Causa

Colorado College, 1995

“Michael Doheny Humanitarian Award”

CONCERN/America, 1994

“Norma Zarky Humanitarian Award”

Women in Film, 1993

“Golden Bell Award”

Portals (Homeless Shelter), 1993

“Partner’s Award”

Oxfam America, 1992

“Earl Warren Civil Liberties Awards”

ACLU, Northern California, 1992

“Abolitionist Award”

Death Penalty Focus, 1991

“Upton Sinclair Award”

Liberty Hill Foundation, 1983

“The Christopher Award”

Gay Rights, 1976